November 14 Birthday Compatibility

November 14

Sun Sign: Scorpio/Pluto

Decanate: Scorpio/Moon; Numbers: 5, 7

In Love

People born on this date often feel torn between their desire for personal freedom and their yearning for a committed relationship. You want independence for yourself, yet you can be jealous, possessive, and controlling where your significant other is concerned. Moreover, the intensity of your emotional nature does not mesh very well with your intellectual temperament. Yours is an inquiring mind with a deep-seated need to know why things are the way they are. Although you crave sexual fulfillment as much as any other Scorpio, you also require a mental connection with a companion you can talk to.

In Bed

Your bedroom mood swings can be quite extreme. Emotionally you blow hot and cold, and even those close to you may not always understand where you are coming from. Although your moods are unpredictable, few can match your sexual prowess when your passion meter is up in the torrid zone. When aroused, you respond hungrily to the seductive delights of sensual foreplay. Once your sexual juices start flowing, your lusty libido keeps the red-hot fires stoked and burning.


Your fascination with sex may prompt you to explore various erotic activities in an attempt to burst through sexual barriers. The creativity of an inventive, innovative lover turns you on by catering to your craving for new experience. Experimenting with sex toys and gadgets, or sexual positions, satisfies your curiosity along with your desires.

Reality Check

When your intelligence and charm cast their spell, your associates may start thinking you can do no wrong. You have the enterprise to succeed in virtually any venture, and you know it. If you have an Achilles’ heel, it is pride. You expect recognition in return for hard work. When it is not forthcoming, you suffer in silence, but you feel slighted nonetheless.

November 14 Birthday Compatibility


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