May 12 Birthday Compatibility

May 12

Sun Sign: Taurus/Venus

Decanate: Taurus/Saturn; Numbers: 3, 8

In Love

You may appear flirtatious, even fickle at times, yet you’re just gregarious and enjoy being with people. Your friendly manner attracts many interesting companions, but in your heart you remain devoted to the one you love. You prize the safety and stability of a committed union, and when you find true love you’re not likely to sacrifice it on the altar of personal freedom. For you, an intimate relationship must be mental as well as physical. Although you have an ardent sensual side, you consider the ability to communicate with your lover, and share mutual interests, equally important.

In Bed

In many ways, your mind is as sensitive and erogenous as your body.

Because your robust libido is as likely to be turned on by words as by caresses, verbal enticements have a big impact on you. Less conservative than some Taurus natives, you have a taste for sexual experimentation. You’re also more spontaneous than others of your Sun sign. Although happy to engage in languid lovemaking when time allows, you also like the occasional impulsive quickie.


Provocative conversations are a big turn-on for you. Naturally inquisitive, you love hearing stories of other people’s amorous exploits and the salacious details of their intimate lives. You also enjoy erotic books, especially illustrated ones. You like having your lover describe his or her secret needs, wishes, desires, and plans for gratifying yours.

Reality Check

Your outgoing sociability makes you well liked and popular. People are captivated by your charm and slightly mischievous sense of humor. Naturally friendly and talkative, you’ve a wonderful facility for conveying your thoughts and ideas to others. Because you enjoy a scintillating conversation as much as anything, you need to be careful not to spread gossip, rumors, or other information derived from questionable sources.

May 12 Birthday Compatibility


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