November 08 Birthday Compatibility

November 8

Sun Sign: Scorpio/Pluto

Decanate: Scorpio/Neptune; Numbers: 1, 8

In Love

Those celebrating birthdays on this date have greater difficulty maintaining personal relationships than professional ones. In an intimate union, you want the freedom to do as you please, but you find it hard to grant the same kind of independence to your significant other. Although you come across as distant and mysterious, your passionate nature attracts suitors like a magnet. You feel things deeply, but lack of trust causes you to hide much of your emotion under an impenetrable mask of nonchalance. When you do commit to a long-term relationship, you make a loyal, generous, and devoted mate.

In Bed

Your sexual nature is red hot, yet you bring caution to your courtship style.

You think things over carefully before settling into a serious romantic alliance. Still, once you find the love you have been looking for, you’re anything but shy. You need to be the one calling the shots, both in the bedroom and elsewhere. In your quest for an intense and transforming erotic experience, you refuse to be rushed or hurried. You’d rather take your time and build slowly toward the peak of total ecstasy.


Power and success are like aphrodisiacs for you, and you are drawn to the lover who is as ambitious and capable as you are. Together you may expend so much energy in furthering your careers that you sometimes forget about the joys of sex. The catharsis of passionate lovemaking restores your bodily vitality and increases your sense of intimacy.

Reality Check

You know what you want and you refuse to be sidetracked by extraneous circumstances. Your talent for organizing and planning strategy is your strong point. But it’s your shrewd handling of people and the ability to communicate your approval or displeasure without words that make you both feared and respected.

November 08 Birthday Compatibility


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