October 30 Birthday Compatibility

October 30

Sun Sign: Scorpio/Pluto

Decanate: Scorpio/Pluto; Numbers: 3, 4

In Love

Sometimes you seem to be a typically intriguing and mysterious Scorpio, yet on other occasions you are open, relaxed, and carefree. In an intimate union you’re ardent, demanding, and quite protective of your beloved. There is, however, a note of paradox in your nature that puzzles even those closest to you. You often find yourself torn between contradictory messages that you receive from your head and your heart. On one hand, you yearn for the emotional fulfillment of a deep, transforming romantic involvement. On the other hand, you crave variety and change and enjoy playing the field.

In Bed

As much of a chameleon in the bedroom as elsewhere, you’re an odd combination of passion and intellect. At times you come off as playful and lighthearted, yet at other times nothing seems to matter except your intense sexuality and desire for physical gratification. Some nights your bedmate is treated to little more than good conversation. However, on many other nights, he or she discovers the full extent of your amazing sexual prowess and expertise. Either way, no partner of yours is likely to be bored in bed.


You possess a hearty sexual appetite that seeks intellectual titillation and variety, as well as physical release and satisfaction. For you, a dazzlingly brilliant mind can be as much of a turn-on as pure animal magnetism. You are as likely to be aroused physically by witty sexual banter and provocative erotic suggestions as by enticing kisses and caresses.

Reality Check

Versatile, forceful, and quick witted, you attract others with your intelligence and magnetic personality. When there is a conflict between your mind and your passions, you are apt to follow your feelings. Yet when you can get your mind and emotions to work in tandem, you’re capable of accomplishing just about anything.

October 30 Birthday Compatibility


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