July 27 Birthday Compatibility

July 27

Sun Sign: Leo/Sun

Decanate: Leo/Sun; Numbers: 7, 9

In Love

You project a magical allure that draws romance into your life. It’s a lucky thing you do, because you regard love as absolutely vital to personal happiness. Fiercely loyal, ardent, and sensitive, you pour your whole heart and soul into an intimate union. Your idealistic attitude toward romance leads you to expect a lot of give and take in a loving relationship, and you’re as sensitive to your mate’s needs as to your own. A nurturing, attentive, and compassionate partner brings out the best in you. However, if the alliance should end badly, your joy can quickly turn into despair.

In Bed

Your strong sex drive demands expression, and you like drama and excitement in the bedroom and elsewhere. Nevertheless, the physical side of love by itself doesn’t do it for you. Without a feeling of emotional intensity in your lovemaking, you may not be totally satisfied. When you feel appreciated and admired, you make an innovative and creative bedmate. The lover who reassures you of your desirability will reap the rewards of your generosity and legendary sexual prowess.


Taste and class are a turn-on for you, and you appreciate sophistication and elegance in a suitor. You like dressing up, going out on the town, and being wined and dined in opulent surroundings. But when it comes to sex, you want to be swept away on a wave of passion. You long to forget about propriety and live out your erotic dreams.

Reality Check

You’re a very complex mixture of confidence and uncertainty. While the lion in you continually seeks the spotlight, another part of you yearns for occasional moments of privacy and quiet. Yet just when you begin to think you prefer a serene existence, your fiery Leo nature demands an increase in action and adventure.

July 27 Birthday Compatibility


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