November 03 Birthday Compatibility

November 3

Sun Sign: Scorpio/Pluto

Decanate: Scorpio/Neptune; Numbers: 3, 5

In Love

Individuals born on this day are a unique mixture of intellect and intuition that attracts popularity and helps them get along with everyone. In a romantic union, you are torn between your inclination toward loyalty and fidelity, and the freewheeling flirtatiousness of your independent spirit. In close relationships, the paradoxes in your personality puzzle even your staunchest admirers. Although you need the fulfillment of a deep, possibly even transforming emotional involvement, you resist commitment for as long as you can. Even though you take your time before settling down, when you do, your inclination is to stick around for the long haul.

In Bed

In the bedroom and elsewhere, you bring the shrewdness of a detective to your quest to understand what makes people tick. You use this skill to best advantage when aiming to please your mate. No desire is safe from your intensive probing. You won’t give up until you’ve uncovered every last detail of your partner’s dreams and wishes. Then, of course, you do everything possible to turn those erotic dreams into a reality you can enjoy together.


Your mind is as sensitive an erogenous zone as the more obvious parts of your body. Your ideal lover dazzles you mentally as well as physically. For you, provocative verbal suggestions are as much a turn-on as the most enticing sensual caresses. You get off on lovemaking that begins with sultry banter and progresses to urgent, fiery passion.

Reality Check

When there is a conflict between mind and emotion, you’re apt to follow your feelings. You rarely skim the surface of anything. Instead, you dig and probe until you get to the root of the problem. Your penetrating insight is your great asset. It allows you to evaluate people and situations, and understand what they are about.

November 03 Birthday Compatibility


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