May 28 Birthday Compatibility

May 28

Sun Sign: Gemini/Mercury

Decanate: Gemini/Mercury; Numbers: 1, 6

In Love

Sameness and dull routine bore you silly. You prefer going to exotic places, meeting interesting people, and trying unusual things. Exploring fresh romantic territory fascinates you, and your restless nature may cause you to shy away from cozy domestic situations. Although you like the idea of going through life with a soul mate at your side, you find the actuality of it difficult to fathom. Besides, if you don’t get too deeply invested in a relationship, you can’t end up with a broken heart. Still, if you find someone exciting enough to hold your interest, you will make a commitment.

In Bed

Youthful in mind and body, you believe in having a rollicking good time, whether in the bedroom or outside of it. You possess a devilish sense of humor that veers toward the mischievous and delight in the fun and adventure of sexy role-playing games. Your approach to intimacy is spontaneous and full of ideas for introducing variety into your lovemaking. Your high-strung, go-go personality requires the calming influence of a partner who is capable of holding on loosely without letting go entirely.


When your mind is aroused, your body follows. You respond amorously to erotic banter and other verbal enticements. Words that engage your vivid imagination inflame your sexual desire. By the time innuendo changes to an explicit discussion of what you’re going to do to each other, your passion meter shoots up from zero to 100 percent.

Reality Check

Despite your obvious charm and charisma, your incisive wit and sharp tongue can get you into big trouble. You tend to say whatever you think and repeat whatever you hear. Sometimes sarcastic remarks, gossip, and rumors come flying out of your mouth without even pausing to get an all-clear from your brain.

May 28 Birthday Compatibility


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