September 13 Birthday Compatibility

September 13

Sun Sign: Virgo/Mercury

Decanate: Virgo/Venus; Numbers: 4, 4

In Love

The basic nature of those born on this date (analytical, nervous, and critical) makes it difficult for them to kick back and relax. Because of pronounced workaholic tendencies, you seem considerably less interested in love and romance than you actually are. As a lover or friend, you’re loyal and dependable but anxious and overprotective of those close to you. Nevertheless, you can always be relied on to follow through on your promises. Once you learn to stop overanalyzing every move you make and heed the promptings of your feelings and emotions, you make a thoughtful, caring, considerate romantic partner.

In Bed

Most of the time, the pleasures of the senses are put on hold in favor of your work and responsibilities. Just being able to come home after a hard day and enjoy a cozy sense of togetherness in your lover’s arms makes you feel cherished and appreciated. In private, the sensual, passionate side of your nature comes out. You have plenty of sexual curiosity, and you’re always seeking new ways to excite your partner. A bedmate who also likes to experiment brings out the best in you.


You’re so often distracted by outside influences that when you and your lover are alone together behind closed doors, you want to make the most of every sensual moment. Game for anything that is playfully erotic, you especially enjoy being coaxed, enticed, and seduced into decadence. A striptease, performed for or by you, is a surefire turn-on.

Reality Check

Financially astute, you are never mean or cheap, yet you understand the true value of a dollar. You are careful with your money, and when you invest you do it wisely. In business and finance, you can sense what people want and need because you possess an intuitive understanding of cycles and trends.

September 13 Birthday Compatibility


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