April 04 Birthday Compatibility

April 4

Sun Sign: Aries/Mars

Decanate: Aries/Sun; Numbers: 4, 8

In Love

Sometimes you come across as a mass of contradictions and confusion. In a romantic relationship, your mate or partner may find your behavior quite bewildering. Pulled between your need for freedom and independence and the desire for continuity and security in your life, you can appear settled and content one minute, grouchy and rebellious the next. Despite your professed belief in give and take in a love union, your expectations are high and you can be quite demanding. The person who yearns to be a permanent fix-ture in your life must match you in energy, intelligence, and drive.

In Bed

A practical romantic, you have to get to know your partner really well before you feel completely comfortable together. Once you develop a sense of trust, you’re able to let yourself go and become the amorous, exciting lover you were meant to be. Generous in the bedroom, you’re into exploring your mate’s sexual preferences along with your own. Your more romantic side surfaces behind closed doors, where you are as loving and tender as you are passionate.


Your single-minded focus on advancing your career may bring you recognition and financial success, but it doesn’t do much for your sex life. More than anything you need to take some time out to relax with your lover, in a serene atmosphere where you can forget about everything and everyone else and concentrate totally on each other.

Reality Check

Because you expect the best from people, you have little patience with those who aren’t as sharp as you. Your standards are very high, and you refuse to compromise on principle. Yet somehow you manage to find a way around a sticky situation that satisfies all concerned. If necessary, you will put aside your personal feelings in favor of the greater good.

April 04 Birthday Compatibility


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