July 28 Birthday Compatibility

July 28

Sun Sign: Leo/Sun

Decanate: Leo/Sun; Numbers: 1, 8

In Love

People born on this date are sociable and gregarious. Relationships are the heart and soul of your existence. You absolutely love people, and others are drawn to you as if by a magnet. Thanks to your sunny, fun-loving nature, they usually want to get to know you better. In a close relationship, you’re warm, caring, and generous. However, you’re a rather demanding lover. You expect your significant other to flatter and pamper you, and stroke your ego.

In return, you offer your partner love, romance, and infinite generosity.

You’re wonderfully loyal, but you expect total loyalty in return.

In Bed

You’re a star in the bedroom, and you know it. Highly sexed and dramatic, you get off on turning your lovemaking into a major production. With your lover as muse for your creativity, you enjoy acting on your fantasies of fiery passion and sensuous seduction. A sumptuous setting adds to the feeling of regal grandeur. Spontaneity and imagination make for endless thrills. It doesn’t take much to arouse your sexual appetite; love is your best aphrodisiac.


You are a playful, passionate bedmate with strong desires and an insatiable curiosity about various sexual techniques. You become impatient with dull routine and constant repetition in the boudoir. For you, lovemaking is an art form, and fulfilling your erotic fantasies by acting them out together with your lover can be a tremendous turn-on.

Reality Check

You mythologize your life, and then you live out your own myth by assuming the role of the hero. The shadow side of this regal stance is that your pride is easily wounded. Your need to maintain your dignity can make you appear somewhat pompous. Moreover, you like things your own way. When you don’t get what you want, you’re not above throwing a temper tantrum.

July 28 Birthday Compatibility


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