January 05 Birthday Compatibility

January 5

Sun Sign: Capricorn/Saturn

Decanate: Capricorn/Venus; Numbers: 5, 6

In Love

You’re more outgoing than other members of your Sun sign, with a relaxed sociability that is extremely witty and entertaining. Companionship is important to you, yet so are personal freedom and the opportunity to explore the world on your own terms. Wanderlust and a fear of intimacy can cause you to hold off before settling down with one person. When you do, you’re likely to choose a mate who has many of the same interests as you and is as much a friend as a lover. Your restless nature makes you particularly responsive to a partner who shares your love of novelty and adventure.

In Bed

Outwardly you may appear cool and aloof, but deep down you yearn for affection. You prefer maintaining a certain amount of emotional distance because you’re afraid to let anyone get too close to you. With all your various interests, love and sex are rarely the first things on your mind.

Consequently, you’re more passive than aggressive, and something of a slow starter in the bedroom. However, once things get under way, you make an ardent, enthusiastic, and extremely inventive lover.


You respond most readily to a partner who can play two or more roles with equanimity. Although you relish outrageous behavior behind closed doors, you demand a certain amount of decorum in public. In private, a direct, earthy approach is more likely to inflame your passions than a plethora of hearts and flowers.

Reality Check

You have a habit of overestimating your endurance, and your ultrabusy lifestyle may leave too little time for loving. Because you manage to pack so much activity into each day, unstructured moments of relaxation are few and far between. Make room in your life for romance, even if that means

“penciling in” specific dates and times for lovemaking.

January 05 Birthday Compatibility


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