September 18 Birthday Compatibility

September 18

Sun Sign: Virgo/Mercury

Decanate: Virgo/Venus; Numbers: 9, 9

In Love

Those celebrating birthdays on this date come off as mysterious and enigmatic, but this public façade is little more than a ploy to hide private insecurities. Because Virgo is the most idealistic of the Earth signs, its natives are as inclined to fall in love with an ideal as with a real person. When the actuality doesn’t live up to your high expectations, you can be deeply disappointed. It takes a great deal of tenderness, understanding, and acceptance on a potential suitor’s part to win your love and devotion. However, once it happens, you are prepared to sacrifice everything for your beloved.

In Bed

A gentle, romantic lover, you see sex as an emotional as well as a physical release. Your lovemaking style is tender yet subtly seductive. Intuitive by nature, you pick up on your partner’s needs, then you do everything you can to fulfill them. Making your mate feel special by catering to him or her in the bedroom is your special talent. Although you may not say so, you want the same type of loving consideration in return.


You’re turned on by the romance of poetry and music and by dreamy moments of deep intimacy with your soul mate. Slow foreplay tantalizes you and informs your senses of the passion to come. Just the idea of making love with your special someone inspires your imagination and evokes fantasies to be played out in the comfort of your bedroom.

Reality Check

Flexible and adaptable, you possess the ability to keep several things going simultaneously. However, your restless nature and empathy with the feelings of those around you tends to make you nervous and anxious. Moreover, your touchiness and sensitive disposition make it extremely difficult for you to deal with criticism or disapproval from other people.

September 18 Birthday Compatibility


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