July 16 Birthday Compatibility

July 16

Sun Sign: Cancer/Moon

Decanate: Cancer/Neptune; Numbers: 5, 7

In Love

You’re romantic and caring but emotionally erratic and easily hurt by disinterest or rejection. You don’t take love lightly; you’re looking for an intimate union that is meaningful and profound. Consequently, close relationships can be difficult for you to sustain. Insecurities tend to undermine your confidence, and your ideal partner is the one who makes you feel loved without holding on too tightly. Other people may regard you as a genuine mystery because you require time on your own for private contemplation. Togetherness is fine with you, but you also need periods of solitude in order to recharge your batteries.

In Bed

The moodiness of your paradoxical personality extends into the bedroom.

You can be intense and serious one moment and carefree and playful the next. More often than not, you try to hide your emotional intensity behind a mask of cheerful joviality. You thrive with a sensual, spontaneous lover.

Your most cherished moments of intimacy often come in the form of small surprises. Tender kisses or caresses while you’re sleeping will wake you and your lusty libido.


Your mind creates endless erotic fantasies that you long to play out with your lover. However, you may be too shy to talk over your imaginings with your partner. The astute bedmate able to prize them out of you will certainly be rewarded with fabulous moments of sensuous lovemaking that take full advantage of the unusual and unexpected.

Reality Check

In worldly matters, you are ambitious, focused, and have a formidable sense of purpose and a tenacious determination to achieve success and recognition. However, your overly suspicious nature can make you unnecessarily paranoid and distrustful. Moreover, you are exceedingly proud and prone to hurt feelings. When your authority or dignity is undermined, you tend to turn sullen and defensive.

July 16 Birthday Compatibility


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