May 25 Birthday Compatibility

May 25

Sun Sign: Gemini/Mercury

Decanate: Gemini/Mercury; Numbers: 3, 7

In Love

Your paradoxical personality can be a puzzle, even to those closest to you.

You often find yourself torn between the contradictory messages you receive from your head and your heart. At times you appear moody and solitary, but you are actually deeply philosophical. On a physical level you’re passionate and sexy. However, it takes both intellectual and physical stimulation to hold your interest. You fervently resist any attempt to box you in, and an excess of intimacy or emotion can scare you off. If a relationship’s closeness becomes too suffocating, you may begin searching for a less restrictive alliance.

In Bed

The duality of your nature is most pronounced in the bedroom. Your sexual needs and wishes are as varied as all your other interests. Sometimes you seem physically aloof and more concerned with making conversation than making love. At other times you assume the role of the lighthearted, devilishly charming lover who equates sex with fun and games. Then there are nights of intense passion and single-minded devotion to erotic pleasure.

Your ideal mate enjoys spicing things up by interjecting a touch of fantasy.


Your fondness for the unusual makes you a tantalizing bed partner. You need an innovative lover, someone capable of keeping your interest alive with new ideas for sparking your libido. The one who turns you on is the partner whose curiosity equals your own. You like trying new things, and sexual experimentation is at the top of your list.

Reality Check

Convinced that variety is the spice of life, you are constantly on the lookout for fresh challenges and adventures. Your restless temperament makes it extremely difficult for you to stay in one place. You need to keep moving, either through physical travel, or by mentally exploring the world of your imagination.

May 25 Birthday Compatibility


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