March 16 Birthday Compatibility

March 16

Sun Sign: Pisces/Neptune

Decanate: Pisces/Pluto; Numbers: 1, 7

In Love

You like the intimacy of a committed union, yet close relationships are difficult for you to sustain. Your penchant for falling in love with an ideal rather than a real person can lead to severe disappointment. Moreover, you’re more adept at reading other people’s feelings than dealing with your own. You fare best with an insightful partner who understands your moodiness and need for occasional periods of solitude. When you’re involved with someone you care about, you put his or her interests ahead of your own. And you have the sticking power to hang in when the going gets tough.

In Bed

Lovemaking means many different things to you, most of them depending on your mood and your feelings for your partner. As a lover, you are adventurous and curious as well as passionate, affectionate, and emotional. Guided by instinct and intuition, you’re predisposed to do whatever it takes to provide your bedmate with as much pleasure as possible. You like experimenting with a variety of sexual innovations but will implement them only if your partner is agreeable.


Never quite satisfied with the same old routine, you’re turned on by the thought of doing something naughty and outrageous, like making love in a public place. Even if you can’t join the mile-high club in the real world, you can certainly act out your more bizarre erotic fantasies in your imagination.

Reality Check

Your basic makeup is a synergistic blend of a philosophical mentality, the temperament of an artist, and a mystic’s spirituality. Intellectually you are bright and clever; emotionally you’re impressionable and romantic. You lead an intense inner life of sentimental dreams and crusading ideals. With the missionary spirit so strong, your ultimate aim is to help others and guide them along a path of higher values.

March 16 Birthday Compatibility


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