September 24 Birthday Compatibility

September 24

Sun Sign: Libra/Venus

Decanate: Libra/Venus; Numbers: 6, 6

In Love

Sensitivity and romantic idealism make you extremely vulnerable in your intimate relationships. Disloyalty or disaffection upsets your emotional equilibrium. If you are let down by your lover, you could become seriously distressed. When you enter into a permanent alliance, you mean to stay around for the long haul. However, like other members of your Sun sign, you tend to fall out of love as easily as you fall in love. Because you respond more readily to ideas than feelings, when your life partner no longer fits your idealized version of the perfect lover, the romance begins to lose its luster.

In Bed

Your refined nature wants lovemaking to be serene and beautiful. In the bedroom, romance is as important to you as passion. Selfless devotion comes easily to you. Thoughtful and considerate by nature, you put your bedmate’s happiness and satisfaction ahead of your own. However, in your willingness to compromise, you tend to lose sight of your own needs and desires. Although you may not admit it, you expect to be granted similar consideration in return. If you don’t receive it, you experience feelings of disappointment and disillusion.


Imagining yourself in the starring role in your own romantic epic is a genuine turn-on. Your ideal lover swoops in and sweeps you off your feet with finesse, sophistication, and admiring romantic patter. You long to be courted, wooed, coaxed, pampered, and seduced with loving words and affectionate gestures in a harmonious, romantic setting.

Reality Check

Your shadow side emerges when the desire to please prompts you to con-sign your power to others. If, in your need for approval, you become more concerned with what others think than what you feel, you may fall into a pattern of reacting to influences outside yourself instead of acting on your own initiative.

September 24 Birthday Compatibility


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