December 18 Birthday Compatibility

December 18

Sun Sign: Sagittarius/Jupiter

Decanate: Sagittarius/Sun; Numbers: 3, 9

In Love

More emotional and less independent than the typical archer, you believe in true love and long to meet your soul mate. When you find the one you are seeking, you make a devoted, passionate, sexy lover. Sharing and caring are so important to you that it is natural for you to reach out to your beloved.

All your hopes and dreams seem more attainable when you’re able to talk over your plans with the one you love. Forthright communication is important to you in an intimate union, and you like knowing that you can say virtually anything to your romantic partner.

In Bed

You lead an inner life based on romantic ideals. When you embark on a new relationship, you expect it to live up to some idea you’ve formed in your mind. Then when the real person fails to live up to your dreams, you’re disappointed. However, when it comes to sex, you’re more pragmatic. You enjoy being with a partner who is as creative and open-minded as you. Moreover, you’re acutely aware of the psychic bond that exists between lovers, and you depend on your intuition to tell you exactly what your bedmate wants and needs.


Your ideal mate understands your highly intuitive approach to lovemaking.

You always seem to know what your partner feels, and the lover who has the same kind of instincts regarding your sexual needs turns you on. Fantasy plays a huge role in your life. Your imagination transports you to exotic places without leaving the comfort of your bed.

Reality Check

Mentally you are clever and quick witted, yet also thoughtful and philosophical. The unification of intuition and imagination, with the energy and enthusiasm of your fiery Sun sign, fuels your inclination to explore both the material universe and the inner world of ideas.

December 18 Birthday Compatibility


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