October 18 Birthday Compatibility

October 18

Sun Sign: Libra/Venus

Decanate: Libra/Mercury; Numbers: 1, 9

In Love

Those celebrating birthdays on this date are romantic, idealistic, and so kindhearted, they have to be cautious about other people taking advantage of their good nature. In an intimate relationship, you’re an exceptionally caring and giving partner. You dislike confrontation and go out of your way to create and maintain an atmosphere of peace and harmony. Because tact and diplomacy come naturally to you, you are usually able to achieve your purposes through compromise and cooperation. But instead of dealing with your own anger and disappointments, you like to pretend that everything is just fine, even when it isn’t.

In Bed

Nothing pleases you more than being able to please your lover. In your effort to make him or her happy, don’t forget that turnabout is fair play. It’s more natural for you to give than receive, and you’re rather shy about discussing your own sexual needs. Luckily, you have a gift for artful seduction and a real knack for getting your message across without words. Alluring glances and provocative hints are usually all it takes to let your partner know what you like in bed.


You prefer the serenity of your own private love nest to the crowds and tur-moil of a glamorous night out on the town. An intimate evening in your cozy lair, with your lover by your side, is your idea of the ultimate turn-on.

On a cool night, hot spiced wine and assorted hothouse fruits inspire you to make hot and spicy love in front of a roaring fire.

Reality Check

You’re easygoing, pleasant, and agreeable, yet not nearly as emotionally fragile as you seem. Your mysterious, chameleonlike personality captivates and confuses people. You have tremendous insight into what motivates them, but they can’t quite figure you out.

October 18 Birthday Compatibility


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