August 20 Birthday Compatibility

August 20

Sun Sign: Leo/Sun

Decanate: Leo/Mars; Numbers: 1, 2

In Love

Your Leo Sun sign rules love and romance, and when you care about someone it is without reservations. In an intimate union, you’re a model mate; you rarely forget birthdays, anniversaries, or other special dates. You are more than willing to cater to and pamper your partner, and you like being petted and admired in return. Because you dislike disagreements, you’re usually the first to make up after an argument. However, you refuse to put up with disloyalty, and you are not shy about calling your significant other to task if he or she fails to live up to your expectations.

In Bed

You are strongly sexed and highly attuned to your own physical needs and those of your bed partner. For you, lovemaking is a carnival of the senses, and you want to enjoy each and every ride. You employ your flair for theatrical presentation to create a lavish setting for your sensory pleasures. The sanctuary of your bedroom becomes an intimate stage for erotic enjoyment.

Making love in lavish comfort, on luscious fabrics, gratifies your taste for glamour and opulence.


A well-orchestrated seduction can be totally intoxicating. Your lover may entice you with teasing sexual play, using sensual oils to stimulate your desires. Sultry verbal suggestions turn you on by engaging your imagination.

Exchanging spicy stories and sharing exotic fantasies act as tantalizing forms of foreplay before a night of steamy sex.

Reality Check

You surround yourself with drama and excitement, and your splashy personality makes you seem larger than life. Proud, stubborn, and extremely confident, you want everything done your way. You have a tendency to plow through obstacles without stopping to consider all the possible ramifications. As a result, you often come off as opinionated or overbearing in your dealings with others.

August 20 Birthday Compatibility


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