November 29 Birthday Compatibility

November 29

Sun Sign: Sagittarius/Jupiter

Decanate: Sagittarius/Jupiter; Numbers: 2, 4

In Love

Naturally friendly and open, you like people and they like you. Moreover, you have a wonderful sense of humor, so long as the joke’s not on you. In relationships, you’re an affectionate and generous lover. Although exciting and full of fun, you’re also reliable and dependable. You go back and forth between wanting freedom to roam the world and needing the safety of a secure, committed union. However, once you reconcile your conflicting impulses, you make a loyal and loving partner. Your ideal mate understands the duality of your nature and shares or supports your love of travel and adventure.

In Bed

A sexy, adventurous Sagittarian, you have an instinct to please and be pleased. Just being with you is apt to make your partner feel sensuous and alive. Because variety is an essential ingredient in your bedroom approach, you’re always willing to try something new and unusual between the sheets. An expert at tantalizing foreplay, you specialize in enticing your bed partner with a seductive smorgasbord of sensual delights. Together with your ideal mate, you happily explore novel ways to enhance each other’s sexual experience.


For you, playful erotic fun is the ultimate turn-on. Fooling around with sexy toys and naughty novelties stirs your imagination and energizes your libido.

Spicy sex banter liberates your quick wit and adds to your anticipation of the sensual delights to follow. Seductive teasing and touching awakens your desire and heightens the ensuing ecstasy.

Reality Check

You are an idealistic archer with innovative, imaginative ideas that are typically on the cutting edge of the artistic, academic, or political scene. Your forte is your unique ability to achieve success without compromising your ideals and principles. Essentially a visionary, you are not afraid to take enormous risks with regard to your art, philosophy, or ideology.

November 29 Birthday Compatibility


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