August 16 Birthday Compatibility

August 16

Sun Sign: Leo/Sun

Decanate: Leo/Mars; Numbers: 6, 7

In Love

You fall in love quickly, but when things get too heavy or the relationship begins to feel confining, you may consider moving on. At times you are conflicted with regard to your love life. One part of you longs for permanence in a settled and loving union, but the other part prefers being free and unfettered. Although fervently loyal, you can also be jealous and possessive. In a close, romantic union you’re warmhearted and passionate but complex and determined to have your own way. Your expectations for your loved ones are so high, it’s no wonder you’re sometimes disappointed.

In Bed

An impulsive, dramatic lover, your theatrical approach is complemented by your larger-than-life, leonine personality. When the mood strikes you, you will use everything in your bag of tricks to arouse your partner and build sexual excitement for the ultimate finale. Although you enjoy the big, showy gesture, you never fail to back it up with heartfelt sincerity. Underneath the theatricality, you are genuinely caring and considerate. More than anything, your aim is to please your bed partner.


The lover with the ability to distract you from daily cares will find a passionate volcano smoldering beneath the surface. Sometimes it takes more than a well-meaning suggestion to get you to relax after a stressful day.

Enjoying a lingering bath or shower together reawakens desire and puts you in the mood for a night of playful decadence.

Reality Check

Restless in mind and body, you are constantly searching for new places to explore. Idealistic and high-minded, you see yourself as a noble hero whose destiny it is to blaze a path for others to follow. However, with your independent spirit, you’re not likely to find contentment in any situation that is physically or mentally confining.

August 16 Birthday Compatibility


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