March 25 Birthday Compatibility

March 25

Sun Sign: Aries/Mars

Decanate: Aries/Mars; Numbers: 1, 7

In Love

You exude an aura of mystery that potential lovers find intriguing.

Naturally caring and sympathetic, you draw other people to you with your empathy for their concerns. Yet you’re basically independent and self-contained, and intimate relationships can be difficult for you. A romantic idealist, you fall in love with the idea of love. Moreover, your capacity for enduring boredom is low, and you stick around only as long as your partner holds your interest. When the excitement goes, so do you. Your shadow side emerges when you feel impelled to help others by making them into your own image of perfection.

In Bed

In the bedroom, you are passionate and inventive, with a spontaneous, enthusiastic approach to lovemaking. However, the combined effect of physical desire and emotional intensity can cause you to rush into serious involvement before you’re ready. You tend to regard sex as an expression of love, yet you enjoy adding touches of the erotic and experimental to the mix. In order to experience true fulfillment, you need to establish a bond with your partner that is spiritual as well as physical.


Considerably more sensitive and insecure than you let on, you like having your ego massaged along with your body. Your smoldering sexuality bursts into flames when, while touching your hair, rubbing your temples, caressing your face, stroking the nape of your neck, or playing with your ears, your lover tells you how wonderful you are.

Reality Check

Romantic, passionate, and sensitive, you require a certain amount of pampering from your mate or lover. In return, you are sympathetic to your partner’s wants and needs, and more than willing to gratify them. However, problems may arise if you place your beloved on a pedestal. Eventually he or she falls off, leaving you heartbroken and totally disillusioned.

March 25 Birthday Compatibility


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