October 04 Birthday Compatibility

October 4

Sun Sign: Libra/Venus

Decanate: Libra/Uranus; Numbers: 4, 5

In Love

Your main goal is to create an honest, harmonious, lasting romantic partnership. You hold off on making a commitment until you’re reasonably sure your feelings are reciprocated. Once the commitment is made, you’re faithful, trustworthy, and devoted to your mate. Sensitive and aware of your partner’s needs, you do your best to gratify them. You thrive in an equitable union, and you expect your significant other to be attentive and loving to you too. Because you believe that the relationship will last a lifetime, you can be relied upon to follow through on all your plans and promises.

In Bed

A sophisticated idealist, you bring glamour, elegance, and romance into the bedroom. Your discriminating tastes and gift for artful seduction add a touch of class to your sexual encounters. However, there are aspects of your character that make you seem cooler and more controlled than you actually are. Beneath the refined façade, there is a good deal of smoldering sensuality just waiting to be released. Your ideal lover has a slow, skillful touch that draws out all your hidden passions.


Hard work and the responsibilities of daily life can claim so much of your time and energy that there appears to be little left over for loving. But the occasional getaway to someplace serenely beautiful can put you back in the mood. An evening of dining and dancing followed by sensuous lovemaking in a lush, romantic setting is a certain turn-on.

Reality Check

You’re ambitious yet sensitive to the moods of others, and you go out of your way to avoid arguments and unpleasant situations. You possess a chameleonlike quality that allows you to blend in no matter where you are.

Moreover, you patently refuse to run roughshod over another’s feelings just to get what you want.

October 04 Birthday Compatibility


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