September 05 Birthday Compatibility

September 5

Sun Sign: Virgo/Mercury

Decanate: Virgo/Saturn; Numbers: 5, 5

In Love

People celebrating birthdays on this date are more in need of affection and companionship than they are willing to admit. Because you believe the head should rule the heart, strong emotions make you uncomfortable.

You can be loyal and devoted to your partner, but you also need your own space. Moreover, your demands for perfection create a gap between your romantic dreams and everyday reality. As a result, you can be nurturing and caring one moment, and finding fault the next. Although you cultivate an air of self-sufficiency, you enjoy coming home to the security of a loving relationship.

In Bed

Behind closed doors, you’re warm, witty, and very sexy. However, your partner needs to understand that the best way to inflame your passion is through your intellect. You require a mental connection as well as a physical one; when your mind is engaged, your body follows. Sexual arousal often begins for you when you discuss and examine your erotic feelings and desires together with your lover. You’ll keep trying new things and experimenting until you find something that feels good to both of you.


Playful caresses in a shared bath or shower set the mood for an evening of lovemaking. An erotic massage with warm, naturally scented oils relaxes you and creates a liberating sense of intimacy. While whispering words of love and encouragement, you and your lover will shiver with anticipation as you languidly explore each other’s bodies.

Reality Check

While your head may be off somewhere in the stratosphere, your feet are planted firmly on the ground. Even so, you’re one of the most enigmatic members of your Sun sign. Mentally you’re quick witted, and written and spoken words come easily to you. Emotionally you’re a cool customer and have difficulty showing your true feelings.

September 05 Birthday Compatibility


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