October 11 Birthday Compatibility

October 11

Sun Sign: Libra/Venus

Decanate: Libra/Uranus; Numbers: 2, 3

In Love

The “urge to merge” is the main motivation of people born on this date.

You flourish in the warmth and security of a lasting intimate relationship.

Sensuous and caring, you simply can’t imagine being alone for very long.

You want beauty and order in your life, and you really enjoy creating a pleasant atmosphere for yourself and your beloved. Although you are sociable and probably enjoy a little flirting from time to time, you long to find your soul mate. Once you encounter that person, you can remain loyal and committed for life. However, you expect fidelity, love, and devotion in return.

In Bed

Your idea of perfection consists of an elegant, romantic seduction that slowly builds to the peak of physical desire. You have an instinct for pleasing your partner in a manner that ignites passion in both of you. A sensuous bedroom environment triggers your erotic imagination. Making love in lavish comfort appeals to your refined tastes and delicate sensibilities. You revel in the carnival of the senses created by perfumed air, soft lighting, beautiful music, sultry intimate apparel, and luxurious bed linens.


Acting out love scenes that you conjure up in your dreams and fantasies turns you on. You get off on using your creative imagination to devise new ways of sharing sexual pleasures with your bedmate. The idea of using sex toys as aids to arousal may shock you, but artfully employed, erotic teasing builds tension that intensifies your lovemaking.

Reality Check

You are cooperative rather than competitive and very good at dealing with people. Moreover, you love all things artistic and pleasing to the senses. Your innate appreciation of the good life, including pleasant surroundings and the beauties of nature, enhances your laid-back personality and ability to deal with each day as it comes.

October 11 Birthday Compatibility


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