November 19 Birthday Compatibility

November 19

Sun Sign: Scorpio/Pluto

Decanate: Scorpio/Moon; Numbers: 1, 3

In Love

Finesse is not the forte of the aggressive individuals born on this date; they prefer to overcome obstacles by barreling right through them. As a lover, you are passionate and affectionate but also possessive, demanding, and controlling. Because you prefer committed relationships to casual ones, your romances tend to be serious and long lasting. When you find someone who suits you, you pursue the object of your affection with unremitting zeal.

However, you won’t commit unless you are truly convinced the person is right for you. When you do enter into a romantic alliance, you’re devoted and dependable.

In Bed

A bold and aggressive suitor, you blend determination with sultry erotic seduction. Your amorous intensity smolders beneath the surface; neverthe-less, its irresistible force is felt by your bedmate as strongly as a physical tug.

When you turn on your magnetic charm, few can match your ability to capture and hold your lover’s total attention. The passionate lovemaking you engage in requires a vital bed partner with unflagging physical stamina. Your enticing athletic foreplay ultimately culminates in a climactic shower of exploding sexual fireworks.


The lover capable of matching your deeply felt passions and sensuality is the one who holds the key to turning you on. Tempestuous lovemaking channels your intense emotions as it satisfies your lusty libido. Your sexy romps, including the playful struggles for power and control in the bedroom, help you release tension and pent-up aggression.

Reality Check

A high-energy individual with a huge appetite for life, you’re an emotionally intense powerhouse with a compelling need to leave your mark on the world. Your naturally competitive temperament encourages you to take risks that others generally avoid. Driven by a combination of steely determination and courage, you actually relish the opportunity to confront difficult situations.

November 19 Birthday Compatibility


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