September 21 Birthday Compatibility

September 21

Sun Sign: Virgo/Mercury

Decanate: Virgo/Venus; Numbers: 3, 3

In Love

Sociable and friendly, you enjoy people, and most of them like you as well.

Even so, your close relationships can be a problem. You are sentimental and idealistic, and your perfectionism may create a gap between your ideals and everyday reality. Moreover, you need a mate who is your intellectual equal and challenges you mentally. You also require time on your own to pursue your various interests and hobbies. Mistrust of emotion usually makes it difficult for you to open up to others. However, when you allow yourself to express your true feelings, you’re a loving, caring, helpful romantic partner.

In Bed

Your inquisitive nature and diverse interests bring you into contact with many potential suitors. Your ideal partner garners your attention by dazzling you with his or her wit and intelligence, rather than with physical ploys. The clever banter of an amorous conversation, either close up or at a distance, serves as provocative foreplay for your mind and your body. Although genuinely modest in public, behind closed doors you are surprisingly open to the idea of trying newer and more sophisticated sexual techniques.


Your restless mind and nervous temperament benefit from sharing a relaxing herb-scented bath with your mate. Talking about what you are going to do to each other once you get out of the tub is a major turn-on. You respond amorously to playful sex games, such as one where you try to top each other with spicy tales of imagined sexual exploits.

Reality Check

Intelligent, witty, and quick thinking, you’re self-expressive and extremely fluent in speech and writing. Naturally shrewd and insightful, you are particularly good at zeroing in on other people’s underlying motivations. There are times, however, when your emphasis on the intellect comes at the expense of your feelings and emotions.

September 21 Birthday Compatibility


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