July 09 Birthday Compatibility

July 9

Sun Sign: Cancer/Moon

Decanate: Cancer/Pluto; Numbers: 7, 9

In Love

People are drawn to you because of your gracious affability and delightful sense of humor. A sensitive, emotional nature makes it difficult for you to reach decisions based on reason alone. Consequently, you’re vulnerable in matters of love and romance and must beware of a tendency toward self-deception. In a close relationship, you are capable of an enormous amount of affection, yet you’re inclined to hold back until you feel comfortable and accepted by your lover. Once settled, you thrive in an atmosphere of intimacy, especially with a self-confident partner who makes you feel safe and secure.

In Bed

Sex for you is all about your intense emotions. You fall in lust quite easily, once your romantic imagination is brought into play. Moreover, you soak up your companion’s feelings and desires like a psychic sponge. Sometimes you can’t tell which emotions you are feeling, and what you’re picking up from the other person. In a good relationship this can lead to sensations of total union with your lover. In a bad one, it could present a problem.


A romantic outing to the seaside, where you can hear the pounding of the surf as you make love, is a guaranteed turn-on. If a trip to the ocean is not possible, a machine that plays nature sounds in your bedroom can evoke many of the same feelings. The right atmosphere, replete with candles, aromatic oils, and wine, appeals to your romantic soul.

Reality Check

Yours is a naturally sympathetic, compassionate nature. Kindhearted and diplomatic, you go out of your way not to offend anyone. You keep your plans to yourself and play your cards close to your chest as a means of avoiding confrontation. As a result, your real position and opinion on things often remains hidden or disguised.

July 09 Birthday Compatibility


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