June 29 Birthday Compatibility

June 29

Sun Sign: Cancer/Moon

Decanate: Cancer/Moon; Numbers: 2, 8

In Love

Relationships are central to the lives of those celebrating birthdays on this date. You value your family and friends above everything else. In a love union, you know exactly what you’re looking for and won’t settle for less.

You want a calm, stable home life and the closeness of a committed relationship. A true romantic, you make a tender, caring, and sentimental lover.

Innately generous and concerned about your loved ones, you like being totally involved in their lives. However, problems may arise if your family and friends come to view your nurturing ways as a form of possessiveness.

In Bed

A hedonist where sex is concerned, you view lovemaking as the pursuit of pure pleasure. Nevertheless, you’re inclined to temper your passions with a dose of caution. You don’t rush into intimate situations, and you avoid many of the emotional extremes that seem to plague other Cancer natives.

Generous in bed and out, you lavish your significant other with attention and affection. Skilled in the sensual arts and sensitive to your partner’s wishes, you know what pleases him or her in the bedroom.


Your favorite fantasy probably includes good food and great sex. Any mixture of these two sensual activities is virtually guaranteed to turn you on.

Preparing and eating a luscious feast together with your lover evokes an atmosphere of voluptuous indulgence. And feeding each other delectable little snacks in bed can turn into an erotic free-for-all.

Reality Check

You have a knack for reaching out to people and making them feel like family. It’s natural for you to comfort others when they have problems.

However, when your own life doesn’t work out as planned, you keep your feelings hidden. To protect yourself, you retreat into a shell or build a wall around your emotions.

June 29 Birthday Compatibility


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