June 15 Birthday Compatibility

June 15

Sun Sign: Gemini/Mercury

Decanate: Gemini/Uranus; Numbers: 3, 6

In Love

Quick witted and shrewdly intellectual, those born on this day are considerably more mental than emotional or physical. For you, a spirited conversation with a friend can be as stimulating as a passionate sexual encounter.

You are, however, an incurable romantic and prone to falling in love with the very idea of love. Despite the part of you that longs to establish a permanent love union, your freewheeling Gemini nature generally prefers independence to serious commitment. Consequently, you may go through a string of romances before finding your soul mate and finally settling down to a life of domestic contentment.

In Bed

Because you are easily bored and distracted, a love affair that includes variety and spontaneity can keep your restless mind from wandering. Your inquisitive nature makes the very idea of sampling new physical pleasures endlessly fascinating. Although you like the freedom to roam, you also like the thought of sharing all your experiences with the one person who really matters to you. You thrive with a partner who understands your desire for innovation in your sex life and is willing to help you find it.


Beautiful, luxurious surroundings in a harmonious atmosphere delight your senses and sensibilities. The rituals of courtship put you in the mood for love and romance. Your own dexterity with language helps you appreciate the lover whose seduction techniques run the gamut from poetic declarations of love to whispered words of torrid sexual desire.

Reality Check

You’re a superb conversationalist, and self-expression is your forte. You know a little bit about a lot of things, yet you manage to give the impression of being deeply knowledgeable. A quick study, you absorb the pertinent facts with surprising ease. Your agile mind makes it possible for you to field questions with clever off-the-cuff remarks.

June 15 Birthday Compatibility


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