November 09 Birthday Compatibility

November 9

Sun Sign: Scorpio/Pluto

Decanate: Scorpio/Neptune; Numbers: 2, 9

In Love

The complex, emotional individuals born on this date are highly sexed and exceedingly romantic. Because relationships are all-important to you, intimacy plays a huge role in your life. However, your romantic alliances are likely to be as turbulent as they are intense. You’ll display a poignant vulnerability one moment and then become jealous, possessive, and demanding the next. Your kind heart and caring nature can give some people the mistaken idea that you’re an easy target for an unscrupulous lover. What they do not realize is that you possess Scorpio’s uncanny ability to spot a phony at ten paces.

In Bed

You have an intuitive sense of the best way to arouse and enchant your lover. Innately creative and deeply romantic, you’re capable of devising a sufficient number of exotic delights to keep any partner satisfied in bed. You have a chameleonlike talent for the dramatic that allows you to assume various roles as you act out your own and your mate’s favorite erotic fantasies.

Sharing sensual pleasures together sparks your desires and spurs you on to more passionate lovemaking.


You are more romantic than other members of your Sun sign, and you get off on kitschy little touches like candlelight, soft music, and glamorous surroundings for your amorous encounters. Taking a bubble bath or soapy shower with your lover turns you on. Erotic foreplay with aromatic massage oils can add a touch of spice to your lovemaking.

Reality Check

You project a dreamlike aura of sensitivity that tempers the natural intensity of your Scorpio nature but doesn’t prevent you from taking assertive action when you deem it necessary. On one level you’re a shrewd go-getter and determined to further your own interests, yet on another level you’re a compassionate crusader for the rights of the disenfranchised.

November 09 Birthday Compatibility


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