December 17 Birthday Compatibility

December 17

Sun Sign: Sagittarius/Jupiter

Decanate: Sagittarius/Sun; Numbers: 2, 8

In Love

Like most archers, you require a great deal of personal freedom. However, unlike some, you can remain loyal and devoted to the significant other who truly understands the ins and outs of your freewheeling nature. In a committed intimate alliance, you are steadfast and sincere. Still, you need to retain a certain amount of independence in order to pursue your own interests. Work is extremely important to you, and you’ll resist any attempt to interfere with your quest for success and recognition. Love and companionship are also important to you, but you put intellectual rapport ahead of romance or sentiment.

In Bed

Your bedroom approach is full of enigmatic contradictions. Outwardly cool and rather reserved, you may try to hide your smoldering inner passions until you feel truly comfortable with your bedmate. Getting past your protective armor can take time, but once your defenses are breached, your lusty libido comes to the fore. What begins as a small spark swiftly escalates into a raging wildfire. Moreover, once you get started, you have the stamina to keep going throughout the night.


An erotic, aromatic massage renews your bond with your lover as it mellows you into relaxed sensuality. Enticing kisses and teasing caresses awaken your sexual appetite by connecting you to your innate physicality. In your bedroom sanctuary, a patient lover with slow, seductive maneuvers can draw out all your hidden passion and secret desires.

Reality Check

You are an enormously persuasive speaker. With your silver-tongued patter, you can talk just about anyone into just about anything. If you have a fault it is that you are too frank and outspoken. You always say exactly what you are thinking, even if it hurts another’s feelings. Yet you can be quite touchy when someone points out your own shortcomings.

December 17 Birthday Compatibility


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