July 12 Birthday Compatibility

July 12

Sun Sign: Cancer/Moon

Decanate: Cancer/Neptune; Numbers: 1, 3

In Love

You enjoy interacting with people at social gatherings and in intimate one-on-one situations. You’re always ready with a smile and a kind word that lets others know you care about them. Naturally perceptive, affectionate, and loving, you want and need a stable romantic relationship in your life. More communicative than most Cancer natives, you’d rather talk about the things that bother you than go off and hide in your shell. Intellectual companionship is especially important to you in a close relationship. Without mental affinity and common interests, you may eventually become dissatisfied and begin thinking about moving on.

In Bed

You have a chameleonlike side to your nature that readily adjusts itself to the needs and desires of your companion. Physical intimacy with your beloved helps you tap into deeper levels of awareness and understanding. In the bedroom, your approach to lovemaking tends to alternate between breezy, lighthearted sensory stimulation and fervent sexual passion. You thrive in a romantic relationship that adds fun and humor to your life. A playful partner with a youthful outlook keeps you amused and interested.


Your dreamy, old-fashioned side adores a romantic scenario such as a car-riage ride around the park, a midnight swim in the ocean, or spending a night with your lover in a moonlit castle. The more up-to-date, daring part of you yearns to try new things and does not shy away from the innovative erotic moves that add variety and satisfy curiosity.

Reality Check

You like talking about your feelings and ideas, and you encourage others to share their thoughts and emotions with you. Quick-witted, intuitive, and emotionally approachable, you respond to people’s problems with insightful feedback and helpful solutions. You may be supersensitive to everything going on around you, but your rationality keeps you from overdramatizing situations.

July 12 Birthday Compatibility


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