April 22 Birthday Compatibility

April 22

Sun Sign: Taurus/Venus

Decanate: Taurus/Venus; Numbers: 4, 8

In Love

You need a stable home life and the closeness of a committed relationship.

Yet it takes more than affection and devotion to catch and hold your interest. You crave the intensity of strong sexual chemistry. Emotional and mental compatibility rank high in your estimation but are rather less important than the spark of electricity generated by physical passion. You want a lover who is proper and respectable in public; someone you can be proud to introduce to your professional associates. However, once you close your door on the outside world, you want a significant other who makes love with abandon.

In Bed

You may be reserved in public, but in the privacy of your bedroom you are quite demonstrative. A powerhouse of sexual vitality, you rely on a combination of patience and physical stamina to build slowly toward the peak of pleasure. Although typically the one in control, you’re a generous lover and as eager to gratify your mate’s desires as your own. You don’t mind at all when your partner decides to take charge and lead the way. In fact, you welcome it.


You respond readily to the lover who arouses your senses through deep, passionate kisses and intimate caresses. While your bedmate is stroking and kissing your body, especially your neck, you like having words of love and devotion whispered in your ear. Erotic pillow talk, in luxurious surroundings, adds to your sensual pleasure.

Reality Check

You are a very hard worker. More than anything, you enjoy seeing the practical results of your labors. You have a need for emotional and material security that is among the strongest in the zodiac. Yet despite a stubborn resistance to change, you possess the necessary drive and imagination to succeed in virtually anything you set out to do.

April 22 Birthday Compatibility


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