January 26 Birthday Compatibility

January 26

Sun Sign: Aquarius/Uranus

Decanate: Aquarius/Uranus; Numbers: 8, 9

In Love

The apparent openness of your friendly, outgoing personality draws prospective partners to you. Yet no matter how much you yearn for love and romance, you tend to remain emotionally aloof until you feel totally secure in the other person’s company. Despite an ingrained respect for convention and tradition, you have a rather freewheeling outlook with regard to your own intimate relationships. Moreover, you’re inclined to seek proof of love and demand constant reassurances. Although you want freedom and independence for yourself, you can be critical, jealous, or possessive where your mate is concerned.

In Bed

The diverse aspects of your Aquarian character bring together the mentality of a progressive, dream-oriented idealist, with the action-oriented material-ism of the realist. Your decidedly unconventional worldview places you on the cutting edge of the latest trends in life and in love. Communication in intimate moments is not likely to become a problem for you, so long as you’re communicating intellectually or physically. However, sharing your deepest emotions is a different matter altogether. You have less difficulty acting on your feelings than talking about them.


The person celebrating a birthday on this date is generally very ambitious, with a superbusy lifestyle that leaves little time for relaxation. A sensuous, erotic message administered in a tranquil atmosphere can put you in the proper mood for lovemaking by helping you unwind from the stresses of your workday world.

Reality Check

An air of intellectual detachment masks your heartfelt devotion to your loved ones. You want affection and understanding, but you may think that your desire for these things makes you appear vulnerable and dependent.

While emotional intimacy is certainly not one of your strongest points, your empathy, loyalty, and rock-solid dependability can go a long way toward making up for any lacks in this area.

January 26 Birthday Compatibility


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