October 31 Birthday Compatibility

October 31

Sun Sign: Scorpio/Pluto

Decanate: Scorpio/Pluto; Numbers: 4, 5

In Love

Those born on All Hallows’ Eve crave love and affection, but their innate caution makes it rather difficult for them to express their deep-seated desires. Although generous and caring, you also tend to be more than a little critical of your romantic partner. You need love and support, yet you’re fearful of exposing your own emotional vulnerability. Easily hurt by slights, real or imagined, you are inclined to hold grudges. You’re also exceedingly loyal, yet jealousy and possessiveness can make your closest relationships difficult to sustain. As a lover, you’re sensual, romantic, demanding, and extraordinarily passionate, sometimes even to the point of obsession.

In Bed

Your approach to lovemaking is deliberately guarded until you are reasonably sure of your partner’s love and acceptance. The intuitive voice inside your head warns you to take care before committing yourself too completely. Once smitten, however, your emotional and physical intensity make for many thrilling sexual encounters. Stamina is your forte, and your bedmate may expect to enjoy many exciting nights (and days) sharing the innovative and inventive pleasures engendered by your lusty libido.


Acting out your secret fantasies can provide a creative outlet for your need to investigate a darker aspect of your sexuality. You may be intrigued by certain activities involving power and control or mastery and submission.

Exploring them with your lover can serve as a real turn-on while satisfying your curiosity about extreme sexual practices.

Reality Check

Your suspicious nature can make you appear somewhat paranoid and distrustful. As a natural detective you love suspense and mystery, and you’re absolutely fascinated by puzzles and puzzling people. In fact, everything that is dark and mysterious interests you. You like knowing other people’s secrets, yet you keep your own safely locked away in the deepest recesses of your psyche.

October 31 Birthday Compatibility


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