May 21 Birthday Compatibility

May 21

Sun Sign: Gemini/Mercury

Decanate: Gemini/Mercury; Numbers: 3, 8

In Love

Twins born on this day are often moody and unpredictable in their intimate relationships. One moment you’re solicitous and responsive to your partner’s needs, and the next you are off on some tangent and apparently couldn’t care less. In order to hold your love, your significant other must find a way to engage your mind along with your body. Effusive emotions scare you.

You’re so mistrustful of your own feelings that you may try to rationalize them out of existence. When a relationship progresses to the point of commitment, your inclination is to hit the panic button.

In Bed

No amount of romance or passion can cause you to lose emotional control.

Because you intellectualize your feelings, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever experience the ecstasy of being completely swept away by love. Even in the bedroom, you view communication as the most important ingredient in an intimate union. Your brain is your most prominent sex organ, and you’re able to “feel” things with your mind. You long to share thoughts and ideas with your lover, along with your body.


You are turned on by a rollicking session of lovemaking that includes lots of laughter and erotic experimentation. Flirtatious banter comes easily to you, and spicy verbal repartee always makes you smile. When the sex talk turns really hot and heavy, you like to amaze your lover with impromptu plans for an evening of lust and passion.

Reality Check

Witty, clever, and quick thinking, you live mainly inside your head. When you encounter difficulties you try to “think” them through to a logical conclusion. You love to talk and rarely pass up a chance to join in a spirited discussion. Because your thirst for information is virtually unquenchable, you spend much of your time flitting from one interest to another.

May 21 Birthday Compatibility


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