May 03 Birthday Compatibility

May 3

Sun Sign: Taurus/Venus

Decanate: Taurus/Mercury; Numbers: 3, 8

In Love

Sociable, personable, and extremely witty, you generally respond to new people and situations more swiftly and openly than more typical bulls do.

You’re bright and articulate, with a wonderful facility for conveying your thoughts and ideas to other people. Emotionally, however, you tend to flip back and forth. At times you are logical and somewhat detached, yet when your personal feelings are called into play you can become remarkably emotional, determined, and obstinate. As a romantic partner, you are affectionate, sensual, and exciting. You like life to be safe and serene, yet you also crave change and diversity.

In Bed

A true connoisseur of physical pleasures, you believe in making the most of each sexual encounter. A playful, inventive lover, you are considerably more drawn to sexual experimentation than other members of your Sun sign.

With your earthy, practical approach to lovemaking, you won’t hesitate to consult a sex manual or video if you think it will help improve your overall technique. You also enjoy perusing lavishly illustrated books of erotic art, in tandem with your bed partner.


You’re turned on by the very idea of acting out your secret fantasies. Perhaps it’s frolicking with your lover in a joyous sexual romp through the woods, decked out in little more than flower garlands. Or maybe you’d prefer reenacting a scene from a Victorian bordello with a plush red-canopied bed, satin sheets, velvet pillows, and brocade drapes.

Reality Check

People are captivated by your intelligence, charm, and slightly mischievous sense of humor. A practical intellectual, your versatility and originality tend to manifest most often on a mental level. Communication is your great strength. However, if you allow yourself to be seduced by rumor, gossip, or questionable information, it can also be one of your biggest weaknesses.

May 03 Birthday Compatibility


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