January 13 Birthday Compatibility

January 13

Sun Sign: Capricorn/Saturn

Decanate: Capricorn/Mercury; Numbers: 4, 5

In Love

The need for structure in your life prompts you to seek a committed, long-lasting love union. But you are emotionally aloof, and even in your most intimate relationships you warm up to people rather slowly. Moreover, you have a secretive side to your nature that makes it difficult for you to share your deepest feelings. The controlling aspects of your personality, and your ingrained desire for a serene domestic haven, can make your loved ones feel somewhat constrained. Nevertheless, when you’re safe and secure in a steadfast relationship, you make an ardent lover and a generous, dependable mate.

In Bed

Underneath your hands-off, buttoned-down public persona, you are red blooded, sensual, and capable of intense sexual passion. The horny goat’s seduction technique is straightforward and direct. While you may be somewhat inhibited emotionally, you can be relentless and abandoned in your pursuit of physical fulfillment. In the privacy of your bedroom, you expect your lover to be responsive and receptive to your need for lusty, uncomplicated sex with a touch of ribald playfulness.


You don’t require a great deal of foreplay, but after a day’s work you really enjoy relaxing in a luxurious bath or shower for two. For you, there’s nothing more stimulating than a sensuous back scrub from the attentive hands of a loving partner. Just add a brisk toweling, and you are ready for a perfect night of lovemaking.

Reality Check

Driven by ambition and the lure of material success, you can accomplish just about anything once you put your mind to it. But all that hard work can keep you from having fun and spending quality time with your loved ones. When overworked, you may suffer from bouts of depression. Then, if you allow yourself to get stuck in a negative mind-set, you become repressed and repressive.

January 13 Birthday Compatibility


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