September 12 Birthday Compatibility

September 12

Sun Sign: Virgo/Mercury

Decanate: Virgo/Saturn; Numbers: 3, 3

In Love

Inherently sociable and friendly, you like people and enjoy exchanging thoughts and ideas with everyone you meet. However, your intimate relationships can be problematic. Because you value friendship and companionship as much as love and romance, you need a partner who is your intellectual equal and challenges you mentally. You like to flirt, but you need the security of a stable union. Your mistrust of emotion can make it difficult for you to open up to others, even those close to you. If you are disillusioned, you may decide to pull up stakes and move on.

In Bed

You long for a romantic alliance that is as much a meeting of minds as a joining of hearts. When it comes to loving and relating, honest communication really matters to you. By communication, you mean more than mere words. Body language, including actions and gestures, tells you a great deal about what your partner is thinking and feeling. Physically, you’re passionate, curious, and open to experimentation. Nothing turns you off faster than boring lovemaking that has slipped into a dull routine.


The clever bedmate realizes that where you’re concerned, verbal enticements are a powerful tool of seduction. A torrid phone call, email, fax, or text message from your lover generates anticipation by reminding you of the intimacy to come. Erotic phrases whispered in your ear in public tantalize you while getting all your sexual juices flowing.

Reality Check

Mental power is your great strength. You are bright, witty, self-expressive, and fluent in both speech and writing. However, this emphasis on intellect may come at the expense of your feelings and emotions. Actually, you’re not unfeeling, but intense emotion makes you uncomfortable. Although caring and concerned about others’ welfare, you still prefer to maintain some emotional distance.

September 12 Birthday Compatibility


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