August 15 Birthday Compatibility

August 15

Sun Sign: Leo/Sun

Decanate: Leo/Mars; Numbers: 5, 6

In Love

Without a loving, intimate relationship in your life, you feel incomplete.

You need to be loved and cherished. In fact, you crave admiration and approval almost as much as love and companionship. When you find your Mr. or Ms. Right, you make an ardent, considerate, exceedingly generous partner. Even so, many of your ideas regarding romantic unions are outdat-ed and overly sentimental. Consequently, you’re as likely to fall in love with a romantic ideal as with an actual person. However, if the reality of the day-in-day-out relationship fails to live up to your mental image, you could be totally devastated.

In Bed

You’re in love with the idea of being in love. As the star of your own bedroom drama, you like surrounding yourself with the trappings of a traditional romantic courtship. You view sex as an art and require a certain level of sophistication and good taste in your lover. Your delicate sensibilities are as easily offended by boorish behavior between the sheets as anywhere else.

A harmonious atmosphere with soft music, scented candles, and luxurious bedding can make you feel sensuous and sexy.


You long to be swept off your feet in grand style by fabulous gestures of love and affection. A surprise excursion to an exotic locale can provide a perfect romantic backdrop for your lovemaking. Previously hidden passions and desires are likely to emerge in all their erotic glory in the beautiful and sumptuous surroundings of a lover’s private retreat.

Reality Check

Although you meet most challenges with typical leonine enthusiasm, you are less likely than most to jump into a new situation without serious consideration. You prefer to think things through very carefully before reaching a decision. Even after you’ve made up your mind, you tend to have reservations and second thoughts.

August 15 Birthday Compatibility


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