November 04 Birthday Compatibility

November 4

Sun Sign: Scorpio/Pluto

Decanate: Scorpio/Neptune; Numbers: 4, 6

In Love

On the surface you appear detached and rather more intellectual than the majority of Scorpio natives. However, in relationships you tend to follow your instincts and emotions, instead of either reason or logic. Due to the complexity of your inner nature, you actually seem to thrive on the mystery and intrigue of a life lived on the edge. In an intimate union, you are sexy, ardent, affectionate, and more than a little possessive. Somehow you manage to be extremely loyal, yet not necessarily 100 percent faithful. You need love and support; however, you’re deathly afraid of exposing your innate vulnerability.

In Bed

As a lover you are passionate, sensual, romantic, protective, and very demanding. When you find the person you want, you will stop at nothing to make the relationship a reality. Once smitten, you’re a sexual dynamo, and quite capable of making every close encounter amazing and memorable.

The type of magnetic intensity you project is powerful and alluring. Your ideal partner is the one you believe worthy of your trust, someone in whom you can confide and share your secrets.


A namby-pamby partner is not for you. You long to be swept away on a wave of passion; an ardent display of sexual desire turns you on. You are especially responsive to a commanding lover who swoops right in and assumes control of the bedroom activities. Experimenting with unusual or exotic sexual techniques keeps your lovemaking exciting.

Reality Check

Ambitious and focused, you have a strong sense of purpose and a tenacious determination to achieve worldly success. Proud and defensive, you’re prone to hurt feelings if your authority or dignity is undermined. When you feel threatened, you either close down and retreat into yourself or you strike out with your scorpion’s sting.

November 04 Birthday Compatibility


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