August 22 Birthday Compatibility

August 22

Sun Sign: Leo/Sun

Decanate: Leo/Mars; Numbers: 3, 4

In Love

Those born on the Leo/Virgo cusp have an inherent generosity and commitment to others that places them among the most benevolent members of the zodiacal family. In matters of the heart, you’re ardent, caring, and loyal.

However, your desire for perfection may undermine your relationships. You don’t intend to hurt anyone’s feelings, yet your habit of nitpicking can drive loved ones up the wall. You require a lot of pampering and attention; if you get it you’re much less inclined to find fault with your partner. In a loving union, romance matters less to you than intellectual rapport and common interests.

In Bed

In intimate relations, you’re passionate and affectionate with a theatrical approach to love and romance. You exude a type of smoldering sexuality that potential suitors find exceedingly appealing. Your high ideals hold sway even in the bedroom, and a casual love affair holds little temptation for you.

You prefer the lasting devotion of true love to the reckless excitement of a one-night stand. Because you enjoy playing benefactor, you’re inclined to put your bedmate’s pleasure ahead of your own.


There is a delicate sensibility to your love nature that abhors crude and boorish behavior. Your ideal lover is thrilling and entertaining without overstepping the bounds of good taste. Your deeper layers of sexual desire need to be drawn out slowly, over time. A patient lover melts your reserve and stirs your passions with seductive, erotic foreplay.

Reality Check

You have faith in your own abilities, and you try to keep your misgivings and insecurities well hidden beneath a mask of confidence. However, deep down you depend much on the approval of others. A self-critical mind-set may prevent you from embarking on new challenges and opportunities, or cause you second thoughts if you do.

August 22 Birthday Compatibility


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