December 22 Birthday Compatibility

December 22

Sun Sign: Capricorn/Saturn

Decanate: Capricorn/Saturn; Numbers: 4, 7

In Love

You don’t like to appear vulnerable, even in your most intimate relationships. You need to know that you are the one in control of your own destiny. Because trust doesn’t come easily to you, when you are emotionally insecure you hide your true feelings behind a wall of caution. Once your love and confidence have been won, however, you can remain loyal and devoted to your romantic partner forever. You thrive in a loving, nurturing domestic environment. When you work, you work very hard. At home you want to kick back and enjoy the company of your beloved.

In Bed

Careful and methodical in bed and elsewhere, you like to take your time and build slowly toward all-encompassing passion. Although you are a traditionalist in many life areas, you have an adventurous spirit in the bedroom.

Trying new ways to delight your partner and yourself keeps your lovemaking fresh and alive. You like pampering your mate, and you enjoy receiving similar attentions in return. Your ideal lover exhibits unbridled sexual ardor in private yet is friendly but rather reserved in public.


Your earthy sensuality responds eagerly to erotic touching and stroking. A loving massage can release all the tensions of a difficult day at work. Once mellowed, you like a bit of aggressive roughhousing with your lover. When red-hot passion overcomes your inner reserves, you throw yourself into wild, ardent lovemaking with complete abandon.

Reality Check

Material security is one of your main concerns. However, your burning ambition and strong sense of purpose are well camouflaged by the charm and sociability of your outer personality. Innately warm and friendly, you have a wonderful, somewhat loony sense of humor. Nevertheless, deep down inside, you are levelheaded, practical, and determined to attain both success and recognition in life.

December 22 Birthday Compatibility


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