January 19 Birthday Compatibility

January 19

Sun Sign: Capricorn/Saturn

Decanate: Capricorn/Mercury; Numbers: 1, 2

In Love

A cockeyed optimist with regard to love and romance, you’re not afraid to pursue challenging relationships. You know what you want, and you also know how to get it. Or at least you think you know. No matter how much trouble your love life may have been in the past, you are confident that this time everything will be different. Still, problems can arise as a result of your tendency to go to extremes. Initially, you can’t get enough of your lover’s company. However, when the newness of the union begins to fade, you turn your attention back to your real true love—work and career.

In Bed

Your incomparable sexual vigor expresses itself in a rare combination of insistence and idealism. When your lusty sexuality explodes to life, your desire for experimentation and adventure can make you appear pushy and demanding. Even so, you never let go of your devotion to old-fashioned chivalrous behavior. Moreover, the romantic side of your nature yearns for poetry, moonlight, and the type of emotional crescendos that add a touch of magic to an intimate union.


The mad abandon of an impulsive night of lovemaking is guaranteed to inflame the repressed libido of any overworked Capricorn. No doubt, you’re used to burning the candle at both ends in pursuit of professional success.

However, the reckless spontaneity of a sexual all-nighter is considerably more satisfying and also a lot more fun.

Reality Check

Your cautious inner goat does not prevent you from taking a gamble when you believe the potential gain is greater than the possible loss. Part of you is very restless and impatient, and your desire to move forward with your overall objectives, whether in love or work, helps you overcome any hesitation you may feel regarding the risk involved.

January 19 Birthday Compatibility


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