August 13 Birthday Compatibility

August 13

Sun Sign: Leo/Sun

Decanate: Leo/Mars; Numbers: 3, 4

In Love

Loving, romantic, and strongly protective by nature, you thrive on intimacy and the feeling of being part of a couple, family, or group. In matters of the heart, you are warm, passionate, and generous. However, in an intimate union you tend to be rather demanding and possessive. Because you require a good deal of emotional pampering, you are at your best when you get all the devotion and attention you crave. You’re so hardworking, dedicated, and ambitious on the job that at home you want a mate who truly loves you and is firmly ensconced in your cheering section.

In Bed

You excel at everything you do, and your sex life is no exception. A sense of drama permeates all areas of your life. You’re never small minded or petty, but you’ve been known to pitch a hissy fit when your pride has been hurt.

As an attentive lover, you demonstrate your abiding affection through deeds as well as words. Thanks to your love of luxury and beauty, you’re a master when it comes to establishing a sumptuous, serene place for lovemaking.


When you forget about work and responsibility, your passion quotient heats up and you feel more responsive. The lover who creates an atmosphere of sensuality for you to frolic in together is the one who turns you on. Sharing a bubble bath, lounging in the hot tub, or swimming in the moonlight relaxes you for the erotic lovemaking to follow.

Reality Check

Although lions are often accused of being bossy, what you really want is to be the boss. You like making your own decisions and resent having anyone tell you what to do. Once you gain your heart’s desire—recognition as leader—you’ll be too busy with your own responsibilities to boss others around.

August 13 Birthday Compatibility


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