May 24 Birthday Compatibility

May 24

Sun Sign: Gemini/Mercury

Decanate: Gemini/Mercury; Numbers: 2, 6

In Love

You like being connected to another person and tend to feel incomplete without an intimate relationship in your life. Although your romantic, idealistic inner self yearns for a permanent life partner, your spontaneous, freewheeling Gemini Sun sign indicates a fondness for playing the field. As a result, you may go through a long string of romances before deciding to settle down with your one and only. Your definition of love doesn’t always include a lot of sex. What you’re really looking for is companionship. For you, a spirited conversation can be as stimulating as a passionate sexual encounter.

In Bed

The key to your heart (and your body) is conversation. You view lovemaking as a meeting of minds and a means of exchanging thoughts and ideas.

Not much given to emotional intimacy, you share your deepest feelings only with your twin self. Physically however, you can be totally uninhibited. You are an adventurous lover with a desire to please and be pleased. If you don’t know what your partner wants, you ask. If he or she doesn’t know what you like, you describe your preferences in graphic detail.


Fantasy and role-playing games turn you on. The right combination of imaginings and reality can send shivers up and down your spine. More sexual than sensual, the slow, languid approach doesn’t really do it for you. You prefer being seduced with deep eye contact, dazzlingly sexy dialogue, and not-so-subtle hints of impending erotic delights.

Reality Check

Sociable, friendly, active, and energetic, you give the impression of being interested in everything and everyone. Moreover, you’re flexible and able to adjust yourself to people and events. Your main problem is your changeabil-ity and indecisiveness. You have serious difficulty coming to a decision and a propensity for changing those already made.

May 24 Birthday Compatibility


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