September 14 Birthday Compatibility

September 14

Sun Sign: Virgo/Mercury

Decanate: Virgo/Venus; Numbers: 5, 5

In Love

Outwardly you may seem rather quirky and unconventional, but on the inside you’re as sensible and practical as any other Virgo native. You are more comfortable analyzing and categorizing your emotions than dealing with them. Your fear of too much intimacy, even in a close relationship, creates an obvious disparity between your romantic idealism and everyday reality. Although you hate it when anyone tries to tell you what to do, that doesn’t stop you from being critical of the way others choose to live their lives. Still, with the right person, you are capable of giving your all for love.

In Bed

You have a freer, more open and uninhibited approach to lovemaking than many members of your Sun sign. There is an intellectual side to your sexuality that makes you interested in examining erotic feelings and behavior, your own and that of other people. Because you enjoy experimenting between the sheets, you make an innovative and inventive lover. Once you are aware of what your partner is seeking in bed, you’re usually more than willing to comply.


Although you may be too bashful to bring it up, your ideal lover realizes that you get off on exploring the very latest thing, from sex toys and gadgets to red-hot books and videos. Your vivid imagination is not only powerful, but also easily accessible. Sharing fantasies with your bed partner, and then making them come true together, turns you on.

Reality Check

Independence, change, and variety are the hallmarks of your existence. A potent combination of wanderlust and nervous energy keeps you in perpetual motion. You enjoy exchanging thoughts and ideas with many different types of people. Your freewheeling manner of speaking is clever and entertaining; however, your witty quips often have an abrasive edge to them.

September 14 Birthday Compatibility


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