July 21 Birthday Compatibility

July 21

Sun Sign: Cancer/Moon

Decanate: Cancer/Neptune; Numbers: 1, 3

In Love

Naturally sensitive, affectionate, and loving, you require stability in a romantic relationship. Moreover, you want an intimate union that includes shared values and similar interests. You prize your independence, but building a solid future with your soul mate is really what it’s about for you.

Words are as important as deeds to you, and you need to know you can talk to your mate about what you’re feeling. Witty and fun loving, you enjoy a good joke and a good time. Your emotional peaks and valleys can get rather tiresome, but a romance with you is never boring.

In Bed

An intuitive, inventive, and imaginative lover, you exude a breezy, charismatic quality that attracts potential suitors. Although you enjoy an active love life, it takes more than just sex appeal to catch your interest. You need a partner who is not only sexy but also smart and interesting. With Mr. or Ms. Right, you feel transformed and exhilarated by lovemaking. With your clever, agile mind, you come up with new ways to make your sex life more enjoyable for you and your bedmate.


For you, pillow talk is one of the sexiest aspects of lovemaking. Hashing things over with your lover strengthens your feelings of connection and intimacy. It turns you on to talk about what you like to do in bed and to hear your partner describe what feels good to him or her. A verbal preview of what to expect stirs up all your erotic juices.

Reality Check

You are multitalented, artistic, and creative, with a knack for synthesizing and communicating your knowledge and ideas. However, you often have difficulty choosing among various options. This tendency to spread yourself too thin by scattering your energies in a number of directions can hamper your success.

July 21 Birthday Compatibility


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