May 18 Birthday Compatibility

May 18

Sun Sign: Taurus/Venus

Decanate: Taurus/Saturn; Numbers: 5, 9

In Love

One part of you is dreamy and romantic, the other sensible and practical.

You radiate a rare ethereal quality that emanates from this combination of earthly and otherworldly characteristics. Your sensual nature appreciates the physical side of love; your idealism engages the spiritual side. When you fall in love, you do so body and soul. Yet despite your yearning to live inside a romantic fantasy, at a deep level you realize that you require a solid financial base in order to feel safe and secure. It’s one thing to dream about living on love, another to try and do it.

In Bed

Your smoldering magnetism and look of starry-eyed wonder brings a feeling of enchantment to your bedroom activities. In an effort to establish a profound connection with your partner, you attune yourself to his or her desires when making love. You refuse to be rushed in bed, taking all the time you need to discover what pleases you both. Tantalizing foreplay is your specialty. You slowly explore your lover’s body until the two of you are shivering with desire and anticipation.


You have an enviable knack for being able to relax and enjoy each moment.

Making love in a bath or shower sparks your wildest passions. You respond sensually to the combination of water and your lover’s caresses. Later, you might dry each other off with thick Turkish towels and then indulge yourselves in a few drinks and gourmet nibbles.

Reality Check

You are sensitive and receptive to the needs of others, so people trust and depend on you. If you’re hurt or disappointed by those you help, or the world in general, you can become temporarily despondent and withdrawn.

When this happens, it’s not unusual for you to seek relief by overindulging in food or alcohol.

May 18 Birthday Compatibility


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